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Freckle Baby


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Young Living Products have swept into our household and life! I have been using oils aromatically, topically, and orally for the last month...and I can honestly say I'm starting to notice a huge difference in my mood. I have 4 little boys, you can imagine that I struggle daily with stress, anxiety, and patience. I was at the point that I thought I needed to be medicated because I could not keep myself in check. Believe me this change has not happened over night; I never thought I would have a testimony of oils actually having an impact on my health besides smelling really great. Last night I realized I did not get moody, or yell at my kids even when they came inside with muddy boots. This is huge for me! will I freak out today? I don't know, but using oils consistently has made me more aware of my mood, how I'm feeling, and how to respond. So weather they are chemically balancing me or the routine of using them is helping me be more mindful, something is working.

If your interested in purchasing this kit I would love to share it with you and how I've been using it.

This Kit includes 11 amazing oils, a diffuser, and a bunch of extra samples. Plus I will help you know what to do with it once it arrives. To purchase click the link below, it will take you to the Young Living site which is where you will select and check out. Once you do I will follow up with a welcome email and lots of great info on how to get started making oils a beautiful part of your day.


I look forward to getting to know you and enjoying the journey of oil use together.


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