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Our Story

Mom's only have 2 hands.

As a mother of 4 boys, 5 years and younger, I was exhausted from the constant need to pick up and retrieve items my 6 month old was dropping. I decided to make a bib with a leash snap, where a pacifier or toy could be attached. This solved my babies discontent and gave me essentially an extra hand while caring for my children.

The brand Freckle Baby was born from a basic idea that moms cannot chase every item a baby drops.

I added the same leash to a blanket; the size is perfect for car seats and strollers. Now you can drive down the road and your baby will be content because he can't drop his toy.

With a baby gift in mind I also created a coordinating hat so that expectant mothers can receive a baby gift that includes a bib, blanket and hat.