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Hawaii Adventure...Moms and Babes

Travel Vacation


Kailua Beach

Freckle Baby went to Oahu for a little relaxation, family time, and of course a little beach'y baby shoot. 

The snap leash on my bibs and blankets make my products a go to travel essential when heading out with littles. On the plane ride my boys had their blankets and their favorite toy attached so I didn't need to worry about them dropping it on the floor or worse losing it on the plane.

Leather Bib with wooden ring

I have 4 boys and I traveled with them alone. I was a bit nervous but in the end it was great, they all had iPads loaded with the essentials; Moana, Sing, and Jurassic Park ( i know a bit mature, but they love dinosaurs and have seen it a million million times). They each carried a backpack with their book, blanket, iPad, travel treat, and ear phones. In the end I'm excited to do it again.

Sunrise in Ko Olina Kapolei

They loved getting me up early to watch the sunrise, and I couldn't complain, I love the Hawaii sunrise as well.

Miles leaping into the Four Seasons Oahu Pool

We spent the week in multiple pools and lots of beaches.

Shell Hunting

They love shell seeking and we have a bag full of all their treasures. As I'm going thru all of our photos I'm realizing their are very few photos I have of all four boys together:( there always seems to be someone missing.

All my boys

It appears that the only photos I have with all of them together were taken on my iPhone, thank you apple for always being in my pocket!!!

Stewart digging away

Miles and his body board

Turner and His Sand Castles

Emmitt is obsessed with the waves

In the midst of all this surf side fun I was able to squeeze in a fantastic photo shoot with some local mamas and their babies.

The Moms

These ladies helped make my shoot possible and even took glorious photos of their own that I cherish. (Me, @elizabethmacmurray , @senanelson )

Here is a sampling of the beauty of this session and you will see them filling my Instagram over the next month. (Below photos are from @elizabethmacmurray)

Hawaii will always have my heart and I feel so fortunate to be able to visit often and share my love for these islands with my boys and with you.

All my boys at Kailua Beach



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